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« Lagon bleu »

Excursion « Lagon bleu »

Rangiroa's tiara

lagon bleu
Lagon bleu

Excursion only

Price per person
10'000 CFP
83 EUR, 100 USD

1 day (8:30am - 5:30pm)


Several « motu » (islets) inside the lagoon form with the ocean reef a wonderful little lagoon, like a diamond on a ring.

An explosion of colors not to be missed!
lagon bleu

Organisation of the day

The go
08:15am - 08:30am
Gather at reception to then meet us at the Ohotu wharf, embark and depart around 8.45am.

Travel time
Approximately one hour.
Durée du trajet

On arrival, a dream landscape will appear to us!

We will anchor the boat and, for the protection of the corals and for your comfort, and we will use another small flat-bottomed boat to reach a small islet where we will settle in the shade of a comfortable and welcoming « Fare pote'e » (gazebo).

STOP! In front of us the mythicaland splendid « Lagon bleu » of Rangiroa with its different shades of blue-turquoise that change every hour according to the light.

Bathing, swimming and walking either alone or with our guide to visit other nearby islands ... the choice of total relaxation and the sweetness of doing nothing will depend only on you.

Lunch and afternoon
Around 1pm the tasty picnic prepared by our staff awaits us and, on request, the crew will be happy to serve us with delightful Polynesian music and songs.

Then there is still time to rest or dive back into the calm and safe waters of the small lagoon, to take the last photos or to follow a short lesson in palm leaf braiding for small items like hats or small bags. .. the Polynesians are masters in the art of these artifacts.

Around 3pm return to the boat and before departure many blacktip sharks, totally harmless, will approach attracted by the noise of the engines to offer you a magnificient spectacle.
Déjeuner et après-midi
The return
Around 4pm we will be at Tiputa Pass where we will stop to watch the dolphins surf and jump on the waves.

The last stop is near a small islet at the entrance to the pass in the lagoon; we call this site, calm and protected from the currents, « L'Aquarium » because it is rich in different species of tropical fish and we can snorkel there in complete safety (we provide all the equipment).

Around 5pm to 5:30pm, we will return to the departure platform; the pick-up will be there waiting to return you to the accommodation.
Le retour
To remember
Sturdy shoes or sandals, sunscreen, cap and camera.
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