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« Otepipi + Île aux récifs »

COMBO: « Otepipi + Île aux récifs »

Visit the ancient Polynesian village

Otepipi île aux Récifs
+ île aux récifs


Price per person
11'000 CFP
92 EUR, 110 USD

1 day (8am - 5:30pm)



The small church of the old village built with corals.

A huge beach 12-13 meters high that gently slopes down to the sea.

The large oceanic reef filled with natural pools for an unforgettable swim in the company of multicoloured fish.

Île aux récifs

The « ho'a » (small shallow canals) mark out lush islets.

The walk to the ocean reef takes you to admire an almost lunar landscape with fossilised coral mushrooms that stand like silent sentries in front of the indigo blue of the ocean.

The visual contrasts of this place are breathtaking!

Organisation of the day

The go
07:30am - 07:45am
Gather at the reception to then meet us at the Ohotu wharf, embark and depart around 8am.

Travel time
About 1h20 between the quay of Ohotu and Otepipi
35 minutes between Otepipi and « l'Île aux récifs »
45 minutes between « l'Île aux récifs » And the Ohotu wharf.
Durée du trajet
Our first stop is the ancient village of Otepipi.

The only building currently visible is the Catholic Church of St. Anne, built with corals and exotic woods.

After having visited it, accompanied by our guide, with a short walk we will arrive at the incredible oceanic beach; we will be about 12-13 meters above the ocean.

The beach is absolutely beautiful and slopes gently down to the reef and stretches for about 300 meters, rich in cozy natural pools, it is easy to bathe surrounded by multicoloured fish.

At the end of our visit to Otepipi around 11:20am we will resume our journey to « l'Île aux récifs » which we will reach around noon.
Lunch and afternoon
On the lagoon side, « l'Île aux récifs » offers a marvelous tropical image: numerous « ho'a », small shallow canals, border lush islets and on one of them, we have built a comfortable and welcoming « Fare pote'e » (gazebo); while we cool off in the clear waters of a « ho'a », the crew will prepare a delicious picnic and, on request, will be happy to delight us with Polynesian music and songs.

After the picnic the guide will accompany us to the edge of the ocean and you will not fail to be surprised... series of grey formations carved by natural events rise 3-4 meters above the water surface; they are fossilised corals!

The contrast is truly incredible: in front of an almost lunar landscape and beyond, the pink color of the living reef on which the blue ocean wave breaks. It's hard to describe the beauty of this place in words.

Around 3pm, we will prepare for the return trip.
Déjeuner et après-midi
The return
At around 4pm we will be at Tiputa Pass where we will stop to watch the dolphins surf and jump on the waves.

Last stop near a small islet at the entrance to the pass in the lagoon; we call this site, calm and protected from the currents, « L'Aquarium » because it is rich in different species of tropical fish and we can snorkel there in complete safety (we provide all the equipment).

Around 5pm to 5:30pm, we will return to the departure platform; the pick-up will be there waiting to return you to the accommodation.
Le retour
To remember
Sturdy shoes or sandals, sunscreen, cap and camera.
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