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« Les sables roses »

Excursion « Les sables roses »

Paradise on Earth

Les sables roses
Les sables roses

Excursion only

Price per person
12'500 CFP
105 EUR, 125 USD

1 day (8am - 5:30pm)


This excursion will take us to the end of the atoll, the wildest part called « Vaituri ».

Intact islets colonised by hundreds of birds.

Walks on tongues of pink sand emerging from the turquoise lagoon.

Snorkeling in a virgin coral garden and finally ... a meeting with the past.
Les sables roses

Organisation of the day

The go
07:30am - 07:45am
Gather at reception to then meet us at the Ohotu wharf, embark and depart around 8am.

Travel time
About 1.5 hours.
Durée du trajet
After about 1 hour and 15 minutes, we will bypass an islet inhabited by hundreds of seabirds; the opportunity to admire a place intact. We will already be in sight of « Vaituri » (« Les sables roses ») and will arrive there in about 15 minutes.

Over the millennia, millions of tiny shells have been eroded by natural events and their fragments have been mixed to give pink undertones to the tongues of sand that emerge from the crystal clear, shallow turquoise waters.

Walking and swimming in this place gives an incredible feeling of freedom and beauty!

We will then continue sailing to reach in 10 minutes a large natural swimming pool sheltered from the currents; a real coral garden, the ideal place for a magical snorkeling.

Finally, we will reach a small islet for a « meeting of the past ».
Lunch and afternoon
It is the islet of Charles and Laetitia, a young couple of Polynesians who have chosen to live like their ancestors, far from civilisation and its temptations.

This meeting will be a unique opportunity to touch the most authentic Polynesia and in the shade of their comfortable « Fare pote'e » (gazebo) we will be able to taste a picnic prepared by themselves in typical Polynesian style.
Déjeuner et après-midi
The return
At around 2:30pm we will start the return trip and around 4:00 pm at Tiputa pass we will stop to watch the dolphins surf and jump on the waves.

Last stop near a small islet at the entrance to the pass in the lagoon; we call this site, calm and protected from the currents, « L'Aquarium » because it is rich in different species of tropical fish and we can snorkel there in complete safety (we provide all the equipment).

Around 5pm to 5:30pm, we will return to the departure platform; the pick-up will be there waiting to return you to the accommodation.
Le retour
To remember
Sturdy shoes or sandals, sunscreen, cap and camera.
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